Sofar Sounds is back in Bangkok this August

By Suthima Thongmark

Sofar Sounds is making a comeback to Bangkok for its seventh edition on 19 Aug. Just like previous stagings, the venue for this secret gig won’t be disclosed until a few days before the show. But hints lead to somewhere in the Chit Lom area, not too far from BTS Chit Lom. The only way to find out is to register on their website.

If you’ve been to Sofar Sounds before, you know exactly what goes on. But here’s a brief for the uninformed. Back in London, three friends, Rafe, Rocky and Dave, went on a night out in 2009. They weren’t too happy with what went down, with all the disturbances caused by people, noise and phones. The trio wondered if there was some other way they could enjoy the real magic of live music. So they decided to arrange a gig in their own living room, and it became an overnight sensation for like-minded music lovers facing the same problem. The fun and authenticity of the concert spread by word of mouth. And that's how Sofar Sounds was born.

Meant to be an intimate community for artists and music lovers, Sofar Sounds supports the music scene by creating a friendly environment for both artists and their fans at different locations around the world.

Everything is on a voluntary basis, from playing to hosting, which is why tickets are free of charge. You would need to register to be chosen as a guest. (A plus one is allowed if you’re picked.) What happens next is all a surprise. You won’t know where the gig will be until the very last minute, and you won't know who will be performing until you’re there and see them come out on stage. Sounds like a blast, right? You can also join the fun by becoming a host or a volunteer.

So far, Sofar Sounds is happening in 366 cities around the world, from London and New York to Tokyo and Hanoi.

Let's take a look at some of the highlights from the past Sofar Sounds events, and register here

Sofar Sounds#6

Sofar Sounds#5

Be prepared for the upcoming event this Aug 19, and make sure you register on their website for the chance to mingle with like-minded people. 

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