This speakeasy with numerous one-star TripAdvisor ratings is our new favorite bar in Tokyo

By Top Koaysomboon

Bar Martha is not a new bar, but it is our new favorite. A Google search will reveal numerous posts on TripAdvisor with one-star ratings, with complaints ranging from the staff’s inability to speak English (you’re in a foreign country with its own language, idiot), that they don’t allow you to talk loudly, or that they don’t welcome foreigners. Ignore these rants. We were there and our experience was the exact opposite. Hidden behind an unmarked door in Ebisu, this discreet watering hole seems to focus on three things: great music played on vinyls, good drinks crafted by skilled bartenders (try the Moscow mule) and, most importantly, an ambiance that compliments these two. They do have rules that apply to all visitors and you are informed of these rules upon entry (in English no less): Avoid making noise as it can disturb the music and those who come to enjoy it; groups of more than six people are not allowed as it may lead to noise; photography is not allowed; and there’s a cover charge of JPY800. If you can follow the rules (which is not that difficult), you’ll discover a pleasant drinking experience just like we did.

> Bar Martha, 1 Chome-22-23 Ebisu. Open daily 19:00-05:00


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