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10 best romantic movies for Valentine's Day

Celebrating the day of love, Time Out Bangkok has rounded up the 10 most romantic movies you have to watch

Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day is coming. Whether you go out with your significant other, hang out with your girls (or guys), or stay hidden at home - we've gathered the best movies that should make you laugh, smile, and cry during this time of the year.

Best Valentine's movies

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

After a painful breakup, Clementine undergoes the procedure to erase memory of her ex-boyfriend, Joel. When he finds out, he goes to do the same surgery and recalls all of the love and pain during the relationship before it's all gone.

Why whis movie? The movie plays with the question people what to know thw most - what if we can forget all the bad memory, arguments, conflicts and start all over again. 

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Lonely yet imaginative, Amelie devotes her life to make other people happy including Nino, a quirky young man  who collects discarded photos of strangers in the photobooth. 

Why this movie? A whimsical fairytail with a funny touch brings the spotlight to a lovely side of Paris as well as introduces Audrey Tatou to the world. 

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Before Sunrise

2 strangers meet on the train to Vienna and decide to raom around the city all night as they talk about their lives, dream, fear and everything because they believe they will never see each other again.

Why this movie? The classic romantic movie teaches us love and life through just only the conversation and a beautiful city of Vienna.  

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Brokeback Mountain

Ennis and Jack are hired to herd the sheep in Wyoming mountains where they develop a passionate relationship for years in the time when homosexual is still not widely accepted.

Why this movie? Directed by Ang Lee, this movie is one of the revolutionary film tackling the issue of homosexual. It is also packed with great actors such as the late Heath Ledger. 

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Moonrise Kingdom

Set in a summer of 1965, two 12-year-old Sam and Suzy fall in love and make a pact to runaway together. The peaceful community has to hunt them down as the hurricane approaches the town.

Why this movie? The whimsical style and color palette of Wes Anderson serves very well with the youthful and innocent love.

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About Time

Tim has an ability to travel through time and use it to his advantage to win a heart of an American expat Mary. Yet he soon finds out that he can't fix anything in the world and sometimes he needs to let things go as they should be.

Why this movie? The awkwardness of Tim (starring Dohmnall Gleeson) can make you giggle and realize that sometimes perfect guy isn't what you have expected.

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William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet

The classic love story of Romeo and Juliette set in the modern-day of Verona Beach as the two families, Montagues and Capulets fight while their children are falling in love with each other.

Why this movie? If the young and super handsome Leonardo DiCaprio isn't an enough reason for you, the whole idea of using the original Shakespearean dialogue and put them in modern-day situation is absoltely fresh and different. 

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The English Patient

Hana, a Canadian nurse, in the bombed-out monastery is taking care of a badly burned pilot who can't remember his name. Dubbed as an English patient because of his accent, she tries to find out who he really is.

Why this movie? The love in the time of war is always touching, heartbreaking and beautiful contrasting with a cruel and chaotic world where they live in.   

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10 Things I Hate About You

The modernization of William Shakespeares' classic The Taming of the Shrew follows Cameron who recruits bad boy Patrick to date with Kat in order for him to go out with Kat's sister, Bianca.

Why this movie? One of the most beloved romcom of all time is considered cultural masterpiece of '90s - from fashion to music and lovely plot.

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Breakfast at Tiffany's

Holly is a young woman working as an expensive escort in search of a rich old man to marry. She meets Paul, a new neighbor who desires to be a writer. 

Why this movie? Holly becomes to Audrey Hepburn's role of the lifetime. The movie also has a lot of fashion impact and inspires so many movies such as Pretty Woman.  

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