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Dropzone Festival
Dropzone Festival

Dropzone Festival Bangkok is aiming to bring new experience to you by combining music festival, video game elements and cinematic content together. The festival will create "real-life MMORPE" with their 5-chapther series starting from Bangkok under the post-apocalyptic sci-fi theme. Attendees, or as they call soldiers, will play along the storyline and when it ends, the festival will be moved to other locations like in a game. 

The first chapter of Dropzone Festival, Apocalypse will act as a pilot of the whole story with cyberpunk aesthetic and headliners (or "Audiomancers") like Kaskade, Sven Väth,
Pan-Pot, Paul Van Dyk, A-Trak, and more will be announced soon. For more detail about tickets and the festival visit here.

By: Suthima Thongmark


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