Joox The Primary Colour Series


A series of concerts by Joox, music streaming applicaition, feaures 3 concerts in 3 styles with 3 color themes: blue, yellow, and red. For the first episode of the series, In The Blue will come with sad vibe from artists like Greasy Café, Moving and Cut, Lemon Soup, and Monomania with installation art from Yimsamer. For the second episode, Over The Moon will create fun atmosphere with Polycat, The Toys, Gym & Swim, and Safeplanet with illustration art by Julie Baker. Finally, the last episode will feature Lomosonic, Bomb At Track, River Rhyme, Mattnimare, and lighting art by Autosave.

Regular tickets for each concert are B350, and B550/at door.

By: Suthima Thongmark


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