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Netflix Girl From Nowhere

3 new Thai TV series you can binge watch this month

By Arpiwach Supateerawanitt

During this month where you have probably run out of shows to binge watch after days of staying at home to avoid the lingering virus outdoor, allow us to recommend three new shows on popular streaming services that could help you kill some time off.

Girl from Nowhere on Netflix

There's no Thai series that generates such hype at this moment like this one on Netflix. Girl from Nowhere has returned for the second season, and the show still centers around Nanno, the mysterious girl who appears as a new girl in school to teach a lesson or two to any wrongdoings.

This new season has sparked controversies about heavy topics like teenage pregnancy, the justice system, and online identities, not to mention the concept of morality. If you're into a show with thrilling storytelling, a bit of gory elements, and something left for further discussion with your pals, Girl from Nowhere is definitely right up your alley.

The Debut on WeTV

Delve into the world of teenage idols and discover the dark truths of how one needs to do to rise on the top of the stardom—just like Fame. She decides to audition for a place in popular girl group Newtype only to find out what lies beneath the mysterious death of her sister Farn, the former member of the group.

The Debut was premiered back in March, but now the entire series is uploaded onto the WeTV platform for you to binge watch without having to suffer and wait to unearth the cliffhangers left all around the show. This one is a show that twists the cute and lively realm of girly pop stars into a gripping thriller that you could easily finish the whole season within a few days.

I Promised You the Moon on LINE TV

What would happen to the newfound love that Teh and Oh-aew have finally achieved when both of them have to start a new life separately at different universities where unforeseeable adversities await to tear their relationship apart?

Mark the date: it's May 27 that all of us will get to witness the second part of Teh and Oh-aew's heartfelt story of modern love grows into a bigger scene in a bigger city. The first part, I Told Sunset About You, was a phenomenal success in terms of the entire production, positive reception from fans and critics, and the way it made most of us cry like a baby. This new one has a potential to follow up. Just look at the trailer. 

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