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Government aims to reduce quarantine period to 7 days in November

Only if things are better though.

Arpiwach Supateerawanitt
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Arpiwach Supateerawanitt

It's reported that the government plans to shorten the quarantine period to only seven days, starting in November. The policy, however, depends on the first influx of tourists in October, following the special tourist visa (STV) announced earlier.

This means a seven-day quarantine can be implemented only if the first two groups of 300 visitors, according to Bangkok Post, are tested negative after completing their quarantine on October 15 and October 21.

Minister of Tourism and Sports Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn also underlined that every tourist has to practice self-quarantine in the designated accommodations and facilities while receiving a thorough screen test for COVID-19 with two swab tests, a strip test, and a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test.

In case there's a positive case found among the first two groups of tourists, the ministry said the authority would push back the policy after November.

On September 15, the cabinet approved the coming of tourists in October, but only for those who plan a lengthy stay of at least 90 days. With the STV, these visitors can also renew the visa for two more times, allowing them to stay in Thailand for nine months maximum.

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