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Muji to start brewing coffee from Sep 20, only at its new Samyan Mitrtown store

Muji Cafe Tokyo
Top Koaysomboon/Time Out Bangkok


This Friday, Sep 20, Bangkokians will get to welcome a new mixed-use complex in Samyan, Samyan Mitrtown. Apart from the new location of independent theater House Rama and the 24-hour dining zone, Tokyo-born minimalist lifestyle Muji is set to excite its fans with a new store that's complete with a cafe of its own. According to our sources, the first Muji Cafe in Bangkok will be more like a coffee corner located inside the store, so it's nothing like those gigantic 'Cafe and Meal' canteens in Tokyo. It is said that Muji Cafe Bangkok will use coffee beans from Doitung Chiang Rai, which is the same type used at the Tokyo cafes. 

Watch this space for the first images and updated info of the store and cafe. 

Muji Cafe & Meal in Singapore