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Train Night Market Ratchada will not close permanently yet, source says

The shocking news about the permanent closure of this massive Bangkok night market is a hoax, according to our phone call with the market.

Arpiwach Supateerawanitt
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Arpiwach Supateerawanitt

Train Night Market Ratchada on Ratchadapisek Road has denied the rumor, which broke the Internet during the last weekend, that the popular night market will shut down for good due to the widespread outbreak of coronavirus that has caused the storm of lockdowns. We reached out to the market on a telephone call and has been confirmed that the venue would make a comeback as soon as the pandemic situation allowed both the shops and the visitors to go out safely.

The shocking rumor started to circulate through the online world back on July 31 when a Facebook page dubbed Ad Lump (in Thai: แอด ลัมป์) posted a picture of Train Night Market Ratchada with a caption indicating the closure of the venue: "It's the end of Train Night Market Ratchada. The market is now officially closed because the owner couldn't take all the responsibilities anymore." See the post below.

Train Night Market Ratchada is one of the biggest attractions of Bangkok's nightlife attracting both the locals and international tourists with a huge array of bars, street food restaurants, as well as shops and vendors selling clothes, handcrafted goods, and many more.

First opening back in January 8, 2015, the market is founded local businessman Pirod Roikaew who's not a stranger in the market-opening business. Prior to the establishment of Train Night Market Ratchada, Pirod used to be one of the tenants of the old Chatuchak Market in the area that is now replaced by a train station. After the area was retrieved for the train construction, he invited his merchant peers to relocate to Ratchada. Over six years since the beginning, Train Night Market Ratchada has been very successful, seeing a huge number of visitors per week.

The source affirmed that all announcements detailing the reopening (or closing) would be published on its official Facebook page here.

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