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Best egg noodles in Bangkok

Sip mouthful of hot broth and enjoy the best (and cheap) egg noodles in Bangkok

Egg noodles can come in many sizes and forms accompanying with various condiments from boiled eggs to roasted BBQ porks and shirmp wontons, we gather you the yummiest egg noodles in Bangkok that come in an affordable price.  

Nai Meng Ba Mee Poo Kyo Goonge Yak

This shophouse-restaurant is located next to Silom Complex shopping mall. The place offers homemade noodles prepared in various incarnations, from egg noodle soup with red roast pork to dry egg noodles served with shrimp wontons, sweet pork, crispy pork belly, crabmeat, mushrooms and a slice of soft-boiled egg.

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Tim’s Noodle House

Tim’s is worth visiting for its springy Cantonese-style egg noodles that’s served with sensationally tender homemade BBQ pork and shrimp wontons.

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Huai Khwang

Bamee Chua Jua Huad

Here you can feast on chewy noodles served with well-seasoned slices of roast pork and crispy fried garlic at half of Nai Meng Ba Mee Poo Kyo Goonge Yak’s prices (the portions are smaller, though). 

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Bamee Chuan Sa Voey

This noodle shop has been in operation for 46 years and is still going relatively strong. Every bowl comes with a dollop of chewy noodles as well as pork scratchings, choy sum and a choice of meat.

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