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Sereechai Puttes/Time Out Bangkok

Blind taste test: Who bakes the best brownie in Bangkok?

Find out which brownies have captured a place in our heart

By Time Out Bangkok editors

A freshly baked brownie—luscious and indulgent—is what sweet dreams are made of. This chocolatey treat is a mainstay at many cafés and dessert shops, and come in many varieties: rich and fudgy, dense and cakey or incredibly chunky.

We roamed the city in search of the places that make brownies just as we like it—the perfect balance of sweet and chocolatey with just a slight bitterness, and a texture that’s both deliciously rich and marvelously light. We put on a blindfold and bit our way through the brownies of nine establishments to find out which one deserves a spot in our heart.

Note: All brownies were purchased on the same day and around the same time for a blind test conducted by our staffers at the Time Out Bangkok office. This review is purely based on the staffers’ opinions, and was not, in any way or kind, sponsored.


Blind taste test: Who has the best brownie in Bangkok?

Brownie Chu
Sereechai Puttes/Time Out Bangkok

Chu [Time Out's favorite]

Brunch hotspot Chu is one of the best places in Bangkok for a brownie. The eatery’s Fudge Chocolate Brownie (B75) is gooey without being sticky—as the beloved treat should be—and has that desirable bittersweet taste. We also love its slightly crispy crust and the hint of sea salt that cuts through the indulgence.

Time Out says: Its our favorite brownie in Bangkok, hands down. 

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Brainwake brownie
Sereechai Puttes/Time Out Bangkok

Brainwake [Runner-up]

Tokyo-style eatery Brainwake churns out brownies (B55) for folks that prefer their treat not too fudgy. Delightfully buttery, this brownie remains intact when you bite into it (less crumbs). And each bite is not short on flavor—lots of moist chocolate goodness that’s not too sweet.

Time Out says: It’s quite addictive.

Order from Grabfood.


brownie vistro
Sereechai Puttes/Time Out Bangkok


The egg- and milk-free treat (B90)  at this vegan restaurant does not disappoint, and is a far cry from the dry and gritty versions we have tried at other vegan eateries. Made with Varlhona cocoa, the mix includes a generous portion of nuts, making this one of the chunkiest and crunchiest brownies in town.

Time Out says: Can we have some more, please?

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Sarnies brownie
Sereechai Puttes/Time Out Bangkok


This brunch destination in Charoenkrung serves perhaps the gooiest brownies in Bangkok. Called A F**cking Good Brownie, the indulgent treat (B140) lets the cocoa speaks for itself—very chocolatey and not sweet. The inside is moist and extra-chewy, while the outside is dusted with cocoa powder.   

Time Out says: If you like your brownie extra-rich, go for it!

Order from GET.


Starbucks brownie
Sereechai Puttes/Time Out Bangkok


This popular coffee chain serves Espresso ChocChip Brownie (B85) with a strong hint of espresso. Its gooey and intense, but can be too sweet when you bite into a chocolate chunk.

Time Out says: Better than the average brownie.

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Veganerie brownie
Sereechai Puttes/Time Out Bangkok


Imagine how a vegan brownie would taste and that’s what you get at this vegan bakery. Veganerie's Extra Dark Brownie (B75) comes out dry, gritty and lacking of any flavor. Some may think this is how “healthy” and “guilt-free” tastes like. That’s their opinion.

Time Out says: We would recommend it only if youre strictly vegan. Then again…

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brownie dean and deluca
Sereechai Puttes/Time Out Bangkok

Dean and Deluca

We would have to give its Fudge Brownie (B85) a thumbs down. The brownie lacks any special feature, is unexciting and not fudgey enough as its name suggests. The mix, though chocolatey, is overly sweet and the texture is a little too cakey.

Time Out says: It would taste a lot better with a cup of Americano.

Order from Grabfood.


black futon brownie
Sereechai Puttes/Time Out Bangkok

Black Futon

This pastry shop at The Emquartier has been praised by netizens for its My Valrhona Brownie (B95), but the chocolatey treat failed to impress us. (We were quite surprised they claimed it was made from Valrhona cocoa). There seems to be “too much” going on: too much egg, too much sweetness and too cake-like.

Time Out says: Tastes like a brownie made by an amateur.

Order from Line Man.

brownie duc de paslin
Time Out Bangkok

Duc de Praslin

This Belgian-born chocolatier whips up Chocolate Fudge  Brownie (B75)  that is a far cry from perfection and being fudgey. Its too cakey, too sugary and doesnt hold much chocolate taste. We dont understand the hype surrounding it.

Time Out says: Our least favorite brownie.

Order from GET and Grabfood.


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