Blind Test: Americano coffee

Which coffee chain makes the best Americano? We sip out way to the answer in Time Out Bangkok's first-ever blind test.
By Top Koaysomboon |

Café Amazon (winner)
8 oz., THB 35
Café Amazon has everything we want in an Americano: a strong roasted aroma that joilted us awake, a subtle bitterness that kept us energized, and a sweet aftertaste that invited us to drink more. And it’s cheap!



Dunkin’ Donuts (1st runner-up)
8 oz., THB 40
The Americano from Dunkin’ Donuts is nothing to get excited about. Okay aroma, okay taste. It’s a generic brew that’s good enough to wake you up in the morning – and that perhaps is the main purpose of a hot cup of coffee. 


Starbucks (2nd runner-up)
8 oz., THB 85
We didn’t like Starbuck’s Americano on our first try, but learned to appreciate it more with every subsequent sip. The sweet aftertaste it left on the tongue was like a drug that urged us to drink more (and more, and a little bit more).  Maybe that’s the secret of Starbucks.


Au Bon Pain
8 oz., THB 70
Dark brown color. The strong aroma of burning beans. Bitter flavor with an acidic aftertaste. Nothing special.


Auntie Anne’s
8 oz., THB 40

Krispy Kreme
8 oz., THB 55
The Americano from Krispy Kreme wins praises for its ability to retain heat. Thirty minutes had passed and it was the only cup that remained warm. The coffee features a light aroma as well as a moderate balance of bitterness and acidity.

12 oz., THB 85
Is this coffee?


Mister Donut
8 oz., THB 35
Not much aroma. Not much bitterness. Not much of anything. But almost there. 


The Coffee Club
10 oz., THB 95
It’s way too sour for coffee. 


True Coffee
8 oz., THB 45
Not giving much of an aroma, the Americano from True Coffee also has no significant taste. We could have been drinking watered-down sludge instead of coffee. 


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