The best food trucks in Bangkok

You don’t need to eat in fancy dining rooms to enjoy a good meal in Bangkok. Track down the best food trucks in town to get your fill of amazing burgers, excellent pizzas and tempting desserts.
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By Sopida Rodsom |

Taking to the streets for a good meal is not unfamiliar to Bangkokians. Over the last few years, the emergence of food trucks have given a different tweak to the city' streetfood scene, offering a myriad of gastronomic specialties from chargrilled burgers to gourmet pizzas to stuffed Vietnamese banh mi. Now you can enjoy the best of the best sans the dress code. 

The best food trucks in Bangkok

Restaurants, Hamburgers

Mother Trucker

icon-location-pin Rattanakosin

Serving up standard burger—150 g jumbo patty, onion rings, 6900 island sauce and agura leaf, and premium burger which you will also get Aussie cheese and bacon beside what you get in a standard burger. Mother Trucker is known as a hardcore burger because of its size can get you stuffed without asking for the second one and a handful of customers have often got to wait in line even before the burger truck is open.  

Restaurants, Vietnamese

Banh Mi Bo Thailand

icon-location-pin Phrom Phong

Banh Mi Bo, just like its name, specialises in Vietnamese sandwiches, banh mi, offering a decent list of fillings, but stars of the show are BBQ pork, lemongrass chicken and the combo—crispy pork belly and Vietnamese-style grilled pork. The place has become Thai palate’s favorite as all the banh mi are served with cucumber, carrot, coriander, and fresh chilli. 

Restaurants, Hot dogs

Food Stop

icon-location-pin Thonglor

Having the sausage alone--grilled with the heat till it crispy on the outside and soft from the inside--is already flavorful, but enjoying it with remoulade sauce, crispy fried shallots and pickles will make it even more perfect. For Thai palate, opt for zaab dog—Thai style hot dog that comes with Jaew (Thai Dried Chilli Dipping Sauce) and don’t miss your chance to try Food Stop’s chunky chips using the imported potatoes from USA.    

Restaurants, Pizza

Pizza Massilia

icon-location-pin Silom

Chef Luca, the guy behind Bottega is here and ready to serve you a decent list of Italian pizzas. The real highlights include truffle mortadella comes with crispy thin crust soaked with organic tomato sauce and drizzled with mozzarella cheese, truffle Mortadella sausage. Put in the oven for 15 minutes. We won’t surprise if you can finish a whole pizza yourself. 

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