Test Drive: McLaren 570S

Niche Cars unveils the new McLaren 570S in Thailand and these are six reasons why we’re thrilled
By Top Koaysomboon |


(1) It’s Mclaren’s first lifestyle-ish car. Since the company was founded in 1963, it has always been serious about supercars, but the 570S is McLaren’s first automobile designed to serve the needs of lifestyle-conscious users. The car is more compact and ideal for driving in the city. We’re surprised to see an interior that looks recognizably car-like, with very little linking back to the company’s racing heritage. Oh, and did we mention the Thai-language in-car entertainment system?

(2) It’s made by the craziest automobile craftsmen in the world. Crazy, but in a good way. 570S cars are handmade at McLaren headquarters, a laboratory-like workshop entirely hidden underground. “The McLaren factory is a combination of 80% Nasa and 20% Disneyland,” says Vittawat Chinabarramee, Managing Director of Niche Cars Group. “It’s the typeof place where they measure the size of the flooring tiles prior to desiging the building so that they don’t need to cut a single tile. What a company! It’s also the only automotive facility in the world that manufcatures both F1 cars and supercars under the same roof, implying that they are serious about quality control.” 

(3) It’s the supercar brand that brings you closest to the F1 experience. All McLaren cars, including the 570S, adopt or readjust state-of-the-art technology from award-winning McLaren F1 cars. The break-steer system is one F1 technology that you won’t find in other cars. It’s so advanced that it could previously only be found on the track. Air breaks, which automatically enhance a car’s aerodynamics, are also inspired by F1 tech. 

(4) It takes safety seriously. The carbon-fiber classis is a great example. “It’s not only lighter, but even stronger than aluminum,” explains Vittawat. Other supercar brands tend to charge a lot more for a lightweight chassis, which improves the performance of the car. Thanks to the use of carbon-fiber, McLaren’s standard chassis is already lighter than its rival’s lightweight cars. 

(5) It speaks to you. “You need to be able to communicate with the car for it to be a good car. How? A car speaks to you through its steering wheel, through its breaks, through its tires. You feel as if you are the car. It doesn’t feel as if the car is trying to trick you with saloon comforts. Us supercar drivers look for a different kind of driving experience,” reveals Vittawat, while acceleating the 570S from 0 to 200km/h. In a mere 9.5 second. 

(6) It’s more affordable. Sort of. The starting price is B22million, which is B10million cheaper than the previous edition. McLaren also offer a customized service that allows you to truly make the car your own.

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