I Am My Own Wife - A play by Doug Wright

I Am My Own Wife - A play by Doug Wright
Peel the Limelight

Peel the Limelight’s newest production is a riveting success. Written by Pulitzer Prize winner Doug Wright and directed by Jaime Zúñiga, I Am My Own Wife is a one-man musical based on the inspiring life of Charlotte von Mahlsdorf, an East-German transvestite who survived two of the most repressive regimes of the 20th century—the Nazis and the East German Communists—to become one of Germany’s biggest LGBTQ icons. The show is narrated through a fictional conversation between von Mahlsdorf and the playwright that took supposedly place during the ’90s.

Actor James Laver, who has appeared in numerous theater shows in Thailand, takes on every role (all 35 of them) in this two-hour presentation. He especially captivates as both Wright and von Mahlsdorf, charming the audience with a sensitive performance that doesn’t falter all throughout the show. The play is in English with Thai subtitles.

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