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Freeform Festival

Founded by Ruamporn Thavornathiwas, Founder and Managing Director of TITOTITO and Pruitsatorn Sakulthai, Design Director of PIA, Freeform festival aims to promote experimental contemporary art and to be a gathering place for families, friends and those who adore art. The Festival is located at a space where it was used to be a school, so you can expect to see art in fresh and chill vibe with magnificent decoration. Take you children here and have them experience and learn art in their own ways with interactive art exhibitions. Highlights include the exhibitions from Freeform and their associations, contemporary dance and installation performance by LORDFAI Navinda Pachimsawat "Human" and Thai dance exercise "Keep Fit Through Culture.”

Also there is a food and drink zone where you can nip on snacks and sip on refreshing beverages in the festival.

You can find more information about the event here.



Freeform Exhibition

-Rice Bar, a pop-up rice field with various kinds of rice and local Thai food cooked by Michelin Star chefs every Sunday

-Bit.Theme Park, an interactive game by Bangkok Design Festival

-Sound Lab, an exhibition where you can create sounds by yourself

-Color room, a room where you can color it with painting equipment provided


BFF Gallery by Freeform's associations

- Happy Family by Hand puppet artists

- an exhibition with fluid art techniques olo room by Happy Pomme Studio & Ton Lek 

- Kangjor Photo Gallery by Comm Arts, Chulalongkorn University Students

- a Karaoke room by Conflakes (Music Curator) with all profits donated to stray dogs

- Letters from Mars Gallery by ABOVE THE MARS x Pepep x RIS

- Art & Craft exhibition and workshop by MASS STUDIO

- Exhibition by SRINLIM x The Uni_form (visual designers)

- Group exhibition by Panlert and friends (graphic designers)

- Exhibition by Pongsatat (installation designer)

- Exhibition by Resindrome (produst designer)

- "Creative Makers" Designer hall of fame (curated by Bangkok Design Festival)

- Selected gift shop by Arts Longa

- Art piece gallery & lighting installation by Lamunlamai

- "Identity" exhibition by Revive (fashion designer)

- Exhibition by Atelier2+ (interior designers)

- Workshop & exhibition by Yarnnakarn Art & Craft Studio

- NIRODHA ROOM by Salasil (product designer) 

By: Suthima Thongmark


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