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Songkran 101

Everything you need to know about Songkran

Written by
Time Out Bangkok editors

1. Songkran, which means “transition” in Sanskrit, is the festival to celebrate the Thai New Year.

2. It’s also known as the Water Festival but, contrary to what many foreigners may think, it does not only involve an incessant amount of water splashing (we only do it to beat the heat). It also entails traditions, including family gatherings, offering prayers at temples and visiting the elderly. 


3. The trains (both BTS and MRT) are the best ways to get around the city without getting stuck in traffic or getting soaked to your skin. Water pistols are not allowed in trains and in the stations.

4. Splashing water outside designated zones are prohibited by law.


5. Refrain from throwing ice-cold water at others. You’re having fun, not hurting people.

6. Wearing swimwear underneath your clothes are highly recommended as these dry quickly—and you won’t have to worry about accusations of indecent exposure.

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