Three Openings: Peter Bauhuis, Florian Weichsberger, Nils Hint

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ATTA Gallery
ATTA Gallery

For this special event, ATTA Gallery has three openings for three exhibitions. There are a main exhibition, Hearts & Holes by Peter Bauhuis and two mini-exhibition: Second Space by Florian Weichsberger and Nils Hint by Nils Hint.

Hearts & Holes by Peter Bauhuis explores on hearts and holes on shollow objects. As every shallow object needs to have, at least, a hole in it, the artist examines topological questions by asking what happen on the edge, whai is surface and what is content of it.

Second Space by Florian Weichsberger, this year winner of the Herbert Hoffman Prize. This mini exhibition plays on the idea that if one day human development only happend a plastic world. His works are inspired by ancient objcts in invented shapes to see what viewers think it is and how they act when they know what it really is. The core of his woks is like a research to see how we defind our origin and our future.

Nils Hint by Nils Hint, a blacksmith and applied artist, who see value of things in junkyard. His thinks these jucks are showing who you are and what is important to you 

Moreover, Florian Weichsberger and Nils Hint will be at the gallery on the opening night which is a part of the Gallery Hopping Night on May 6th.

By: Suthima Thongmark


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