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Pauli's hot dog
Photograph: Courtesy Pauli's

Pauli's in Boston is selling a six-foot hot dog for almost $600

The North End spot is going big with this human-sized meaty monstrosity

Olivia Vanni

Go big or go home when it comes to eating the best hot dogs in Boston—and once again, Pauli’s is here to help you with its epic, six-foot-long dog. 

This North End sandwich shop—which has a reputation for going all in with menu items like its 25-oz U.S.S. Lobsitution lobster roll—has partnered with The Modern Butcher in Newburyport and Piantedosi Baking Company to offer a pork and beef frank that weighs in at a startling 3.5 pounds and is 72 inches long.

As far as toppings go, you can chow down on this six-foot-long monstrosity pretty much however you please. Among the classic, regional combinations offered: a Chicago-style dog with a dill pickle spear, chopped onions, tomato slices, mustard, sweet pickle relish, hot sport peppers and celery salt; a Seattle-style dog with cream cheese, pickled jalapeños, sriracha and grilled onions; a New Jersey-style Italian dog with grilled bell peppers, grilled onions, French fries, ketchup and mustard; a Cleveland-style “Polish Boy” dog with French fries, BBQ sauce, coleslaw and brown mustard; and a Denver-style dog with chopped red onion, green chili sauce, sour cream and chopped jalapeños. And in true Pauli’s fashion, there’s also a signature Pauli Dog, which features more than a pound of hot, buttered lobster heaped right on top of this gargantuan tube of meat.

While you may be tempted to train for Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest and shove this entire sandwich down your throat, we recommend that you don’t. In fact, this enormous link serves 10 to 12 people, so round up your favorite people for a hot dog party.

Be aware that this larger than life dog is an investment (and almost as expensive as buying your bodyweight in Fenway Franks). It rings in at $599.99 and must be ordered a week in advance (call 857-284-7064 to do so) because this whole-animal, artisanal hot dog and accompanying bun are both made to order. 

Pauli's Hot Dog
Photograph: Courtesy Pauli's

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