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The best Boston food trucks

From cupcakes to tacos, check out best Boston food trucks have to offer

Photograph: Ayr Muir
Best food trucks: Boston’s prime street-food fleet includes Clover Food Lab

We thought they were just having a moment a couple years ago, but now it's clear that we haven't seen the end of food trucks. Boston has lagged behind the likes of Los Angeles and New York in this arena, but food trucks are gaining ground in Boston and Cambridge thanks to support from local government and organizations such as the Boston Food Truck Alliance. These mobile food vendors dispense everything from veggie fare to burgers. Some, like Bon Me and Clover Food Lab, are so successful they've branched out into brick-and-mortar locations.

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Bon Me Truck

The long line snaking back from this cheerful yellow truck is a testament to its delicious, veggie-packed Vietnamese menu, as is its newly opened brick and mortar post in Kendall Square. Sandwiches are prepared with barbecue pork, grilled chicken or tofu and shitake mushrooms, stuffed into a crusty baguette with pickled carrots, daikon radishes and spicy mayonnaise. Or opt for lighter fare like a rice bowl or noodle salad, and make sure to try the insanely refreshing Thai-basil limeade.

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Clover Food Lab Truck

Clover has quickly become something of an empire. Its food truck fleet has expanded handsomely, and you’ll find brick and mortar food labs in Burlington, Brookline and all over Cambridge. Healthful concoctions are Clover's calling card, and while waiting in line, you'll hear a lot of chatter about the chickpea fritter: golden-fried falafel, hummus, a drizzle of tahini and red pickled cabbage overflowing from a round, hearty bun. You can also score a soy BLT and barbecue Seitan. Alongside your feel-good selection, sip a brown-sugar lemonade or hibiscus iced tea.

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Momogoose/Saté Grill-on-Wheels

Founded by MIT alumni, this southeast Asian bistro on wheels rewards visitors with their choice of meat-based, vegetarian and vegan items. Line up for curry bowls, kimchi-laced baguettes and Pho- or ramen-based soups. Best sellers include ga nuong, a Vietnamese, lemongrass-infused grilled chicken, and Korean BBQ tofu or chicken marinated in hoisin sauce, tomato puree and spices. You'll be hard-pressed to miss the fire engine-red trucks rumbling around Cambridge and Boston.

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The Cupcakory

Locally sourced ingredients are the driving force behind this mobile purveyor of decadent, designer, buttercream-topped treats. You'll go nuts for their whimsical line-up of specialty flavors—salted caramel, Almond Joy, Sam Adams chocolate—and their vegan options. Whipped up fresh each morning, the portable bites are the ultimate sweet lover's fantasy, and well worth spoiling your dinner for.

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Roxy's Gourmet Grilled Cheese

After making an initial splash in Boston, the Roxy's truck was briefly rumored to be "missing." The city's food-truck faithful were relieved when word eventually leaked out that Roxy's absence was because the truck was competing on the Food Network's The Great Food Truck Race. If that pedigree doesn't convince you of their chops, bite into one of Roxy's warm, eponymous sandwiches. This isn't your standard afterschool-snack fare: Fillings include green Muenster cheese, brie, chorizo, foie gras, candied bacon and more. Saddle up with a side of fried pickles, and enjoy comfort food at its finest—and most convenient.

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Baja Taco Truck

Tacos! On a truck! This is the sort of thing that tends to happen more often in California than in Boston—so when you see the lime green truck roll up, be sure to get in line to sample the San Diego-style fare, served up by a former sailing instructor. The tilapia tacos always taste fresh, and don't miss the overstuffed burritos.

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Bone Daddy’s Burgers

Started by the brains behind the late great Go Fish! truck, Bone Daddy’s offerings here go way beyond beef—think ground buffalo meat with buffalo sauce, chicken burgers with truckmade heirloom tomato relish and a quinoa and black bean burger topped with cilantro aioli. The burgers may be Bone Daddy's claim to fame, but when you queue up don't miss out on the brother trucking fries.

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