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The best Airbnbs in California

We’ve found the best Airbnbs in California to match any vibe, from yurts and treehouses to artist lofts and beachside villas

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George Blew

Heading out on a California road trip? The Golden State has an amazing and varied range of destinations to explore. The phrase ‘something for everyone’ may be a little overused these days, but California really does have it all: cities with some of the best restaurants and attractions in the country plus beautiful beaches, rugged national forests and national parks, vast deserts and stunning mountains. In choosing a place to stay while visiting, you’ll want to find a spot that matches your vibe. Instead of a hotel, check out Airbnb in California for options as varied as the state itself.

Heading out to commune with nature? Go all in with a mountainside yurt or a treehouse in the forest. If you’re feeling the artsy vibe, try an artist’s loft in Los Angeles. Those looking for the baller lifestyle might consider a stay in a 50 foot yacht or a luxury beachside villa. Solitude seekers will love chilling in a homesteader cabin in the desert. The possibilities are endless.

Whatever kind of holiday you’re in the market for, these Airbnbs in California have you covered. However, if you’re not down with the quirky nature of these options, there’s always our list of the best hotels in California to help you out.

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Best Airbnbs in California

There’s luxury and then there’s Californian luxury – seriously, if ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ had been set on the West Coast, this place would have been Leonardo DiCaprio’s house. Kitted out with an oceanfront hot tub and a sun-soaked front deck bigger than most people’s house, this villa is the ultimate place to watch the sunset over the Pacific. Unfortunately, most of us would need a Wall Street-sized paycheck to afford a trip here, but if you’ve got the cash make sure you book this one.

If you want to feel like a real Angeleno, this is the place for you. Smack-bang in the middle of Downtown LA, this funky loft is the ultimate place to kick it when you’re not painting the town red. As well as the hip decor, this space comes with a bar, Nintendo 64 and even a gumball machine. That said, the real cherry on top is (quite literally) the rooftop pool and hot tub.


After a long day of rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous in downtown LA, this private pool house is the perfect place to relax and unwind. The term ‘pool house’ doesn’t quite do it justice as this place has its own kitchen, bathroom and backyard – but the real winner is the jaw-dropping view over the sparkling city.

This gorgeous jungle-themed guest house looks like something straight out of an ‘Indiana Jones’ flick. Relax, you can put down your hat and whip – instead of booby traps and bad guys, you’ll find a hot tub and a tipi for some major relaxation. When the sun sets on Topanga Canyon, a dazzling light display transforms the property into a jungle wonderland. Time to kick your feet up by the firepit and get cosy.


A charming apartment on San Francisco’s stunning west coast that’s only a stone's throw from the beach. This may not be the biggest spot on the list, but what it lacks in size is made up for in character. Packed with plants and shrubbery, this apartment has a casual beachfront vibe (open your windows and you can actually hear the waves) and it’s only 25 minutes from Downtown San Francisco. 

Yeah, you read that right – it’s a treehouse in the freaking mountains! This place brings your childhood dreams to life (probably your adult dreams too), with towering redwoods growing all around (and through) the hovering home. With the Monterey Bay beaches just 25-minutes away and a hot tub waiting to lovingly greet you when you get back, this looks like one of Cali’s most epic escapes.


If you suffer from seasickness, you may want to keep on scrolling, but if you dream of waking up on the waves, we’ve found the Airbnb for you. Harboured in San Diego Bay, this luxury yacht offers direct access to the city and the open ocean beyond. If you can splash some cash, make sure to take a cruise around the bay before catching some rays (and some cocktails) above deck.

We’ve done cabins, caravans and treehouses – now we are going one step further and relieving you of your solid walls. Don't worry, you’ll be real comfy once you're tucked up inside this cosy little yurt – when you’re actually inside it, that is. If we were there, we'd be chilling in the infinity pool, whitewater rafting or having a tipple in the local wineries. Glass of Napa Valley Chardonnay, anyone?


Surrounded by the serene expanse of the Joshua Tree desert, this quaint cabin looks like something straight out of an old western movie. Don’t worry! There are no bandits roaming these here parts – just acres of unspoiled nature and breathtaking views of the stars. What are you waiting for? Giddy up.


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