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Ranking the new Chicago Cubs stadium cocktails

The new Cubs stadium drinks are inspired by the decades that the team played at Wrigley Field

 (Photograph: Courtesy Levy Restaurants)
Photograph: Courtesy Levy Restaurants1980s Electric Ryno Margarita, $12 The margarita is made with Don Julio tequila, blue curacao, lime and agave nectar and comes with a light-up straw—obviously, this is the '80s cocktail. That decade wasn't exactly renowned for its drinks, so this one came in fourth for being pretty sweet.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Levy Restaurants)
Photograph: Courtesy Levy Restaurants2010s Mojito, $12 We're not sure when the 2010s homestand is, but sometime this year, you can get a mojito, accented with mint and blueberries. This is a very solid rendition of a mojito, and the blueberries were a surprise.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Levy Restaurants)
Photograph: Courtesy Levy Restaurants1910s Weeghman Park old fashioned, $12 The 1910s homestand is technically over, but since the bar will have all the ingredients on hand, just ask for it. Made with Bulleit rye and old fashioned mix, this was the strongest cocktail of the bunch. You get your money's worth of rye with this one. Also: fun fact! Wrigley Field was originally called Weeghman Park until 1920, when it was renamed Cubs Park. In 1926, it was renamed for Cubs owner William Wrigley.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Levy Restaurants)
Photograph: Courtesy Levy Restaurants1920s Upper Deck Gin Rickey, $12 The gin rickey, made with Tanqueray, lime juice, basil-infused club soda and basil, was the clear standout. Tt's balanced, updated with basil and refreshing enough to want to drink outside this summer.
By Amy Cavanaugh |

We ranked the new Cubs stadium hot dogs, now look at the cocktails: These four are inspired by different decades the Cubs have played at Wrigley. Each homestand will add another drink to the list, so later this summer you can drink a 1960s Alabama Ironman, a whiskey sour that honors Billy Williams, or a 1990s Homerun Hop, named for Sammy Sosa and made with rum, pineapple juice and coconut water. We sampled four of the newcomers and ranked them in the order we'd drink them again. They're all available on the main concourse at section 109 and the bleacher patio in left field.

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