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Amazon Prime will now deliver local beauty products to your door

Written by
Laura Rote

You can get a whole lot of goods delivered to your door in Chicago in as little as an hour (Sprinkles Cupcakes, anyone?), but now you can also get great local health and beauty items from Merz Apothecary. Amazon Prime Now, Amazon’s one-hour delivery service, has made the Chicago-based store its first beauty brand as part of the crazy-quick service.

If you aren’t familiar with Merz, you probably should be, as it’s one of the city’s best beauty supply stores. It also has quite the history—dating back to 1875, when Chicago pharmacist Peter Merz opened the apothecary on the North Side. These days, Merz has a little bit of everything in two locations (downtown and in Lincoln Square), all finely curated, whether you want lotions and shampoo or even tea. And starting today, Prime members in Chicago can have all their favorite Merz offerings delivered to their door in as little as an hour, whether you need a quick gift like a fragrance set or a must-have like, you know, deodorant.

In Chicago, Prime Now offers tens of thousands of Amazon items in addition to local restaurant and grocery delivery. One-hour delivery is $7.99 and two-hour delivery is free, and Prime Now is available from 8 a.m. to midnight every day in the Chicago area.

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