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Chicago is among the most sex-positive cities in the world

Morgan Olsen
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Morgan Olsen

When it comes to getting down, Chicago can keep up. According to a new study by adult app Lazeeva, Chicago is the 25th most sex-positive city in the world. Researchers polled more than 450,000 adults ages 18 to 70 in order to rank a variety of criteria, including sexual activity, sex toy consumption, porn consumption and LGBTQ friendliness. Each category was ranked out of 10 possible points and added up to create an overall score for each city. Here's a quick look and how Chicago stacked up across the board.

Sexually active: 8.7
Sexually experimental: 6.2
Sexually satisfied: 7.5
Sex toy consumption: 9.6
Porn consumption: 5.3
Adult entertainment: 7.1
Swingers score: 5.4
Access to contraception: 6
LGBT friendliness: 5.6
Gender equality: 4

Paris holds down the No. 1 spot followed by Rio de Janeiro, London and Los Angeles. Cork, Ireland, caps off the list at lucky No. 100. Chicago is in good (freaky) company with an overall score of 65.4, but there's always room for improvement.

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