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Emporium Arcade Bar is debuting a Harry Potter–themed beer

Emporium Arcade Bar is debuting a Harry Potter–themed beer
Photograph: Courtesy Central State Brewing

In the Harry Potter novels and movies, a concoction called Polyjuice Potion allows the drinker to turn into another person, assuming all of their physical characteristics. The latest beer from Indianapolis-based Central State Brewing takes its name from the fictional alchemical creation, but it probably won't transform you into an entirely different person (unless you're a really mean drunk). 

The Polyjuice Potion beer is pre-brewed (you won't have to do it yourself in a Hogwarts bathroom stall) and doesn't contain human hairs or fingernails. Instead, Central State Brewing collaborated with Emporium Arcade Bar to concoct a 7% ABV sour ale, made with plums, elderberries and “magical bits and bobbles.”

You'll be able to get a taste of this wizard-approved beer beginning at 7pm on Friday, October 21 at Emporium Arcade Bar Logan Square, which is celebrating its release with a launch party. Attendees are encouraged to come dressed in their finest robes and will be able to sample cans of the new beverage while participating in the Quidditch Pong World Cup (which is probably just beer pong played while holding a broom between your legs).

Take a look at the beer's appropriately creepy label below and start brushing up on your spells. 


Courtesy Central State Brewing

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Michelle W

Whatever; I LOVE sour ale! When can I get it from a store?

Nick C

First of all... Any Harry Potter fan knows that's the dark mark as their label. Which is the sign of the deatheaters... Voldemort's death squad. Think the SS with magic wands. So that's not good. Second off... Polyjuice potion is infamously pretty bad tasting as it takes on different tastes as to who you are turning into, and if they are bad people it is particularly nasty. So second strike. It's a beer for deatheaters and tastes bad?!? No thank you.