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Lollapalooza has definitely tightened security this year

Lollapalooza has definitely tightened security this year
Photograph: Jaclyn Rivas

Long gone are the days of slipping or cutting off wristbands and flash mob fence rushes at Lollapalooza. This year, more noticeably than ever before, the festival is not messing around.

Security personnel at both the north and main entrances are checking bags and patting people down with a purpose, which has led to longer-than-usual wait times and has dashed the hopes of numerous teenagers trying  to sneak in a bottle of booze (among other things).

As one anonymous security supervisor put it, "Security is tighter this year because I'm working it."

Aside from the noticeably longer wait times (which were extended on Thursday due to the weather), it’s a clear sign that the city and Lollapalooza are not cutting any corners in making sure that the festival’s first four weekend is as safe as possible. 

Attendees had plenty of notice for the extended wait times. The festival has sent out several statements over the past few weeks noting that "the safety and security of our fans is our top priority. All bags will be searched each time attendees enter the festival grounds. We ask all attendees to plan ahead to allow extra time entering the festival."

This summer, festivals around Chicago have been upping their security game. Last month at Pride—following the mass shooting in Orlando—the police department nearly doubled its amount of personnel compared to 2015.

In any case, if it means a safer festival, Lollapalooza attendees can deal with longer wait times. It's certainly better than spending more than 45 consecutive seconds at the Perry's Stage.