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The 5 worst intersections in Chicago

Written by
Clayton Guse

Construction on the overhaul of the atrocious Damen, Elston and Fullerton intersection began earlier this year. The $60 million project will turn what is arguably the worst intersection in Chicago into something that makes sense. It's great that the city is remedying an awful urban planning decision, but there are still loads of terrible intersections throughout the city. Here are some of the worst that we're aware of. 

Belmont and Kedzie 

Tucked beneath the Kennedy underpass in a dark pit of concrete, Belmont and Kedzie provides a special experience. It's regularly regarded as one of the most dangerous intersections in the city. It's hard to see anything there, and cars and trucks entering and exiting the expressway seem to come out of nowhere. On the plus side, it sort of looks like a scene out of Batman.

Cicero and I-55

Late travelers are constantly whizzing off of I-55 at Cicero to catch their flights out of Midway, which might explain why the intersection is home to one of the most profitable red light cameras in the city. It's great for watching trucks gum up traffic, but it's pretty terrible to navigate. 

Irving Park, Cicero and Milwaukee

The "real six corners" in Portage Park is an awful intersection to drive, bike or walk through. It's littered with shopping centers and surrounded by wonky side streets. Unless you're really into waiting at red lights, you should avoid the intersection at all costs.

Stony Island, 79th and South Chicago

The South Side six-way intersection is beneath a couple of exit and entrance ramps to the Chicago Skyway. The beams obstruct views, which makes taking a left turn there a bit of a guessing game. Navigating this intersection safely makes Belmont and Kedzie look like a walk in the park.

North, Damen and Milwaukee

You'll find a lot of things in this bustling Wicker Park intersection, but tranquility in an automobile or on a bicycle is not one of them. Pedestrians there are too cool to be confined by crosswalks, and traffic is regularly backed up in all three directions. The opening of the 606 might help curb some bike traffic, but probably not enough to take the intersection off this list.

Did we miss any awful intersections? Let us know in the comments below.

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