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The most hilarious events happening at the Bean, according to Facebook

Zach Long
Written by
Zach Long

You may have noticed something peculiar on Facebook this morning: There's an increasing number of absurd events revolving around our city's favorite reflective landmark, the Bean. We're not sure what spurred the creation of these events (other than the fact that the Bean is a central meeting place that nearly everyone is aware of), but it's quickly become a meme... and we're enjoying it.

While none of these Bean-related Facebook events seem like they will actually take place, it's interesting to see what captures the imagination of Bean lovers (and haters). We've collected some our favorite gatherings at the public sculpture for you to reflect upon.

There seems to be a consensus that the Bean needs to escape Chicago.

Naturally, celebrities are being roped in.

Actually, this probably happens all the time.

How did you think new public art was made?

We're gonna need a bigger kitchen.  

 Don't create Facebook events while you're hungry.

Some people just wanna keep the Bean shiny and clean...

...and others are intent on covering it up.

Googly eyes are a popular addition to the Bean. 

At least one person wants to make the Bean extra spooky.

Please don't destroy our Bean.

Why doesn't this happen when it rains? 

This might be getting too meta.

Of course, you can also just not go the Bean at all.

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