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Uber is offering $3 POOL rides in Chicago this month

Written by
Grace Perry

Do you take Ubers everywhere? Then you’re going to love this deal: Uber is offering flat-rate trips within (a portion of) Chicago, regardless of current surge charges. But they’re only selling a limited number of packages, so you'll need to hurry up and unlock your fares.

Each flat-rate ride comes with a $1 fee that you pay upfront, so you can either buy 20 flat fare rides for $20 or 40 rides for $40. You then unlock $2 POOL rides and $7 uberX rides—a pretty good deal if your main mode of transportation is Uber.

However, the qualifying zone doesn’t cover all of Chicago. The boundaries run from the lake to Austin Avenue, and Montrose Avenue down to I-55. So folks in Uptown, Rogers Park and much of the South Side are out of luck, unless they're traveling within the coverage area. Take a look at the map here:

Take advantage of these low-cost rides by taking the one of these coolest drives in Chicago.

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