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  1. Photograph: Erica Gannett
    Photograph: Erica Gannett

    Cheap Eatery of the Year winner: Pleasant House Bakery (chicken curry pie with buttered peas and cilantro chutney)

  2. Bodega N. 5

  3. Photograph: Martha Williams
    Photograph: Martha Williams

    Kimchi fries at bopNgrill

  4. Photograph: Allison Williams
    Photograph: Allison Williams


  5. Lao Hunan

Cheap Eatery of the Year | Eat Out Awards 2012

Cheap Eatery of the Year | Eat Out Awards 2012


Cheap Eatery of the Year Pleasant House Bakery

Bridgeport needed an alternative to sports bars, and Maria’s arrived. It needed better food options, and it got Nana and Han 202. But we didn’t know it needed a baker of royal pies. Hell, we didn’t even know what royal pies were, but with the opening of Pleasant House, we got them: flaky, double-crust savory pies that stuff your stomach for a little more than $7. The steak-and-ale captures carrot-laden pot roast in buttery crust, the chicken Balti channels India by way of Britain with heady curry spicing, and the mushroom-kale is a good argument to go meat-free—another Bridgeport need checked off the list. 964 W 31st St (773-523-7437).

Other nominees Bodega N. 5, bopNgrill, Cai, Lao Hunan

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