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Illustration: Andy Mora

Five great quiches

Find buttery, flaky perfection.


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Quiche at Floriole

The word quiche seems too pedestrian to describe this rich, smooth egg custard teamed with locally sourced vegetables, quality cheeses and, occasionally, meats (the selection changes daily). The puff pastry shell crumbles into a million buttery flakes. $6.—Julia Kramer

Quiche at Tre Kronor
My favorite of the four kinds usually available here packs more smoked salmon into a triangle of custard than I ever thought possible, topping it off with a layer of dill and encasing it in a butter-rich crust. $8.95.—JK

Market quiche at 2Sparrows
The vegetable combos (mushrooms and leeks, on my visit) in these majestic slices change often; the fluffy, airy structure is the same every time. $10.—David Tamarkin

Quiche at Milk & Honey
“Om muh gauf!” (Translation: “Oh, my God!” with quiche in my mouth.) This quiche is at least two inches thick, and the cauliflower, leek and Swiss cheese (fillings change daily) combine for a savory symphony. $3.50.—Laura Baginski

Quiche at the Publican
These slices, flanked by a citrus salad, are light on filling (often veggies, sometimes smoked fish or bacon). That leaves opportunity aplenty to appreciate the dark, crumbly, buttery crust. $10.—DT

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