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Taste test: new spring and Easter candy, ranked

It's almost Easter! That means new candy for your basket. We tried the weirdest new (technically) edible chocolate eggs, beans and grass. Yes, fake grass.
By Brent DiCrescenzo |

Nothing says America quite like the umpteen flavors of candy and sweets we roll out with each season. Fall means pumpkin spice everything. December puts peppermint all up in your business. And just over the horizon is Easter, which has basically turned into pastel Halloween. Thankfully, the flavors remain pretty mundane, though they are starting to make edible fake grass for your Easter basket. Well, technically edible. We picked up the strangest-looking stuff and foolishly put it into our mouths.

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Twizzler Easter Grass Candy, $2.49

Zach Long It's all loose.
Clayton Guse It’s all tangled.
Erin Delahanty "Here kids, have candy that everyone has touched!"
Jessica Johnson I don't taste green apple. It’s like pesto spaghetti.
Brent DiCrescenzo It oddly kind of tastes like pasta. Well, like paste-a.
Brittany Townsley This tastes like medicine.


Russell Stover Eggs (Wedding Cake, Birthday Cake, Cookie Dough), 50 cents

ED Birthday Cake just tastes like butter inside of chocolate.
ZL That’s what the Wedding Cake tastes like, too. It’s gooey. That’s disconcerting. Ugh. That’s awful. Sweet butter in shitty white chocolate.
JJ There’s a weird aftertaste.
ZL They’re all gritty in an unpleasant way.
JJ I can’t rid my mouth of the flavor of them.


Lunchables Dirt Cake and S'mores Dippers, $1

BD Okay, fine, I’ll say it. This is straight up jizz.
ED This brown gooey stuff is gross. This dirt is just Oreo, which is fine.
BD It tastes like warm pudding. I don’t know that i’d consider that “lunch.”
ED Who gives this to their children?!


Jolly Rancher Bunny Food Shaped Gummies, $2.49

CG These do not taste good. The Swedish Fish flavors are better.
JJ They taste like chemicals.
BD The corn-shaped lemon one tastes like floor cleaner.
ZL It tastes like corn syrup. Finally, a candy that tastes accurate to its shape.


Edible Easter Grass, $1.99

JJ This is not edible! It is a lie!
CG What is this?! What’s in this?
ZL "Potato starch, corn starch…" No sugar, just starch.
BD This is insulation.
Martha Williams It's a thicker version of the paper wrappers.
BT The green apple at least tastes like green apple.
BD I like that it’s not sweet.
ED I think that’s the selling point of most candy, though.


Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Vanilla Cupcake Baked Graham Snacks, $1.99

BD A Nilla Wafer.
ZL A nice sandy consistency.
CG They’re not cheese.
JJ I don’t understand why Goldfish got away from the cheese thing.


Tic Tac Bunny Burst, $1

BD Taste likes grape. I thought Tic Tacs were sugar free?
ZL Well, when it’s Easter time, you’ve got to pump the sugar in.
BT The purple tastes like Dimetapp.
JJ Dimetapp is good though.
BD So these are sizzurp flavored. Awesome.


Spring Oreos, $2.99

JJ Yep, it's an Oreo.
CG A regular oreo, but yellow.
ZL This one totally looks like Mike Ditka.
BD I don’t remember the cookie being this unchocolatey.


Jelly Belly Spring Mix, $1

ZL They’re what you expect. 
JJ A lot of the dud Jelly Belly flavors are not fruit. This cuts out the bad ones.

Starburst Spring Mix, $2.99

MW Pink is exactly the same flavor.
BD Yellow tastes like pina colada mix. It's a big upgrade over the normal yellow, which is the worst.
CG Yellow is the best! This is too much pineapple.
ED Orange is always the worst.
MW No, original red is the worst.
SL Pineapple is my favorite flavor here.


Swedish Fish Eggs, $2.49

Robert Ruthart So this is what a fresh Swedish Fish is supposed to taste like!
BD Mine has fish and eggs. 
ZL You got a spawn pack.
ED These are softer than Swedish Fish usually are.
BD They’re like Dots, basically. You can taste different fruits.
JJ But softer.

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