Animal Collective + Black Dice

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Animal Collective
Animal Collective

Made up of a group of friends with nicknames like Panda Bear, Avey Tare and Geologist, Animal Collective seems destined to become indie rock's Phish equivalent. The band has become known for its dense glitchy beatscapes, oddly stretched-out melodies and the synthesized digital mayhem of its epic live shows—all that's missing is a few mini-trampolines. Animal Collective's latest album, Painting With, reins in the band's more expansive tendencies without sacrificing its eclectic, strange sonic palette (case in point: The Beach Boys harmonies and springy synths of lead single "FloriDada"). Here, the band returns to the Empty Bottle in celebration of the venue's 25th anniversary, accompanied by experimental electronic act Black Dice.

By: Zach Long


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