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Billie Eilish
Photograph: Shutterstock

Lollapalooza 2022 rumors and lineup predictions

What might the Lollapalooza 2022 lineup will look like? We've sifted through the rumors and made some predictions.

Zach Long
Written by
Zach Long

While it's still a few months away, summer in Chicago will be here before you know it and that means Chicago summer music festivals will soon begin revealing their respective lineups. Lollapalooza is set to return to Grant Park from July 28–31 (yes, it's still four days long for some reason), but the festival's lineup is a closely guarded secret. Thankfully, festivals like Coachella, Bonnaroo, Governors Ball and Forecastle have already released artist rosters, inspiring all sorts of Lollapalooza lineup rumors.

After carefully examining other festival lineups, noting suspicious gaps in touring schedules and keeping tabs on artists with new records to promote, we’re ready to make some predictions about this the 2022 Lollapalooza lineup and headliners. Keep in mind that Lolla's lineup usually isn't announced until sometime in March (the day after tickets go on sale, typically), so keep an eye out to see how accurate our Lollapalooza lineup predictions were!

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Lollapalooza 2022 lineup rumors

Martin Garrix
Photograph: Louis van Baar / RCA Records

1. Martin Garrix

Lolla needs at least one EDM heavyweight that can hold down one of the main stages, and Martin Garrix fits the bill (he also hasn't performed in Grant Park since 2016). His presence on the Lollapalooza lineups in Chile, Argentina and Brazil coupled with the fact that he's playing the Veld Music Festival in nearby Toronto during the same weekend as Lolla suggests that the Dutch DJ will probably make the trip to Chicago.

Probability: 90 percent
Past Lollas: 2014, 2016

Machine Gun Kelly
Photograph: Alexandre Faraci / Chuff Media

2. Machine Gun Kelly

Assuming that the dates don't conflict with his marriage to Megan Fox, we're pretty confident that rapper-turned-punk rocker Machine Gun Kelly will be taking the stage at Lolla this summer. Kelly is already confirmed to headline editions of the festival in Chile and Argentina—and while he doesn't seem to have anything else booked this summer, don't be surprised if he soon announces a US tour (behind his forthcoming record Mainstream Sellout) with a suspicious gap in late July.

Probability: 80 percent
Past Lollas: 2017

A$AP Rocky
Photograph: Mr. iozo / RCA Records

3. A$AP Rocky

It's kind of incredible that A$AP Rocky hasn't headlined Lollapalooza yet, but we think that 2022 could be his year. The New York rapper is confirmed to perform at editions of Lollapalooza in Paris, Chile, Argentina and Brazil this summer—we're convinced that he'll also show up in Grant Park, since he's also confirmed to play the (relatively) nearby Oshega Music Festival on July 30. That's assuming that his obligations as a new father don't get in the way...

Probability: 80 percent
Past Lollas: 2015

Greta Van Fleet
Foto: Cortesía Sacks&Co./Alysse Gafkjen

4. Greta Van Fleet

Remember this group of Led Zepelin impersonators? The retro rockers are skipping Chicago on their spring and summer tour, opting to play an arena in Peoria, IL instead. Currently, there's nothing on Greta Van Fleet's schedule for July, which means that these Lolla alum could easily show up in Grant Park. We're not sure if they'll headline a stage or turn in a late-afternoon set, but guitar solos and sequin jumpsuits seem likely no matter where the band falls on the schedule.

Probability: 75 percent
Past Lollas: 2018

J. Cole
Photograph: Neal O'Bryan

5. J. Cole

Basketball-obsessed emcee J. Cole claims that he's retiring after the yet-to-be-confirmed release of his album, The Fall Off. What better way to bow out of the music biz (at least temporarily) than to headline Lollapalooza? Cole's last time on a main stage was 2016 and he just announced a marquee performance at Governors Ball in New York. Unless he gets crowded out of the lineup by an even bigger hip-hop act, we're guessing that you'll see Cole rocking his Bull jersey again this summer.

Probability: 75 percent
Past Lollas: 2010, 2012, 2016

Dua Lipa
Photograph: Jaclyn Rivas

6. Dua Lipa

Yes, the "Don't Start Now" singer is scheduled to play the United Center on March 9, but an early spring show doesn't rule out Dua Lipa's return to Lollapalooza at the end of July. And while she's not included in any of the international Lolla lineups, she is confirmed to headline Sunday night at the Oshega Music Festival in Montreal—it would be relatively simple to swing by Grant Park on the way to Canada.

Probability: 73 percent
Past Lollas: 2016, 2018

Billie Eilish
Photograph: Shutterstock

7. Billie Eilish

She performed on the Tito's Stage at Lollapalooza in 2018, but Billie Eilish is overdue to graduate to a headlining set on one of the festival's main stages in 2022. The 20-year-old pop star is already confirmed to headline two weekend of Coachella this spring, her March 14 concert at the United Center sold out long ago and she has zero shows booked during Lolla weekend. Perhaps her brother and collaborator Finneas will tag along?

Probability: 70 percent
Past Lollas: 2018

Photograph: Courtesy Glassnote


Glaswegian synth-pop outfit CHVRCHES stopped through Chicago last October, but the band's upcoming U.S. tour is missing a return visit to the Windy City. The trio has play Lolla in four year intervals, so a 2022 stop would stick to that schedule. Unless they decide to expand their European tour, expect to dance to "The Mother We Share" in Grant Park this July. 

Probability: 68 percent
Past Lollas: 2014, 2018


9. Imagine Dragons

The pop rock outfit behind inescapable tracks like "Thunder" and "Radioactive" is the kind of inoffensive and widely-like (or at least tolerated) act that can hold down a Lolla stage late in the afternoon—or possibly headline. Imagine Dragons has top billing at Lollapaloozas in Stockholm and Paris, and it's upcoming North American tour is noticably missing a Chicago date, so a night in Grant Park seems likely, unless the Killers or the Strokes really need a gig.

Probability: 65 percent
Past Lollas: 2013

100 Gecs
Photograph: Mikey Joyce

10. 100 Gecs

Mashing up elements of hip-hop, synth-pop, dubstep and grindcore, on the surface 100 Gecs seems too weird and niche for Lollapalooza. But the success of singles like "Money Machine" and "Ringtone" on TikTok has solidified the energetic duo's popularity with Lolla's core demographic. The pair has a new album (10000 Gecs) and confirmed sets at Forecastle and Bonnaroo. And with no Chicago dates on its upcoming tour, it seems likely that 100 Gecs will swing by the city during festival season—potentially at Lolla.

Probability: 60 percent
Past Lollas: None

Tame Impala
Photograph: Jaclyn Rivas

11. Tame Impala

Tame Impala brought the band's latest batch of psychedelic tunes to the United Center last September, but Chicago is suspiciously absent from the group's summer tour. The band is confirmed to play Hangout and Primavera Sound (in Spain), so Kevin Parker and company are definitely on the festival circuit. The only thing that makes us doubtful about Tame Impala's Lolla odd is the fact that the band last headlined the fest in 2019—it'd be a quick return to Grant Park, but it's not entirely out of the question.

Probability: 57 percent
Past Lollas: 2012, 2015, 2019

Kendrick Lamar
Photograph: Rozette Rago

12. Kendrick Lamar

Between the leak of several songs from a rumored 2022 record and his upcoming appearance at the Super Bowl halftime show, its seems like Kendrick Lamar is gearing up for something. Assuming that the man behind the Black Panther soundtrack releases some new music in the coming months, a return to Lollapalooza could be in the cards—though he might opt for an arena tour instead. The last time K-Dot played Grant Park, he essentially served as an opening act for the Postal Service. If he's on the lineup in 2022, he's guaranteed a headlining slot.

Probability: 55 percent
Past Lollas: 2013

Jack White
Photograph: David James Swanson

13. Jack White

The last time Jack White headlined Lolla in 2018, his end-of-the-weekend set was pretty sparsely attended (he was up against Playboi Carti and Odesza). Still, White has consistently played the fest when he has new records to promote, and he has a pair (Fear of the Dawn and Entering Heaven Alive) dropping in the coming months. While he's confirmed to the Credit 1 Arena on April 12, you might see his new blue hairdo in Grant Park this summer.

Probability: 50 percent
Past Lollas: 2012, 2018

Pearl Jam
Photograph: Andy Keil

14. Pearl Jam

When Eddie Vedder comes to Chicago, he usually likes to perform at Wrigley Field, the home of his beloved Cubs. But 2022 could be the year that Pearl Jam returns to Grant Park—after all, Lolla always seems to lock in at least once legacy rock headliner (Foo Fighters in 2021, the Strokes in 2019). Pearl Jam is currently confirmed to play Lollapalooza festivals in Paris and Stockholm in July, and the band's schedule is clear after its European tour ends later that month.

Probability: 45 percent
Past Lollas: 1992, 2007 

Photograph: Zach Long

15. Disclosure

The house-inflected beats of British dance-pop duo Disclosure graced one of Lolla's main stages all the way back in 2016, just before the group went on a brief hiatus. Reunited and back on the road to promote their 2020 release Energy, Disclosure is headlining two nights at Radius on April 30 and May 1. That's just enough distance from Lollapalooza weekend to make the pair a possibility, though they may be downgraded to a headlining set at Perry's.

Probability: 40 percent
Past Lollas: 
2013, 2016

Phoebe Bridgers
Photograph: Olof Grind / High Road Touring

16. Phoebe Bridgers

Within the past two years, Phoebe Bridgers has become something of a household name, performing on Saturday Night Live and headlining the 2021 Pitchfork Music Festival. 2022 will be an even bigger year for the singer-songwriter, with sets at Coachella, Forecastle and Hangout as well as editions of Lollapalooza in Paris, Chile, Argentina and Brazil. Bridgers recently announced a tour that will bring her to the Huntington Bank Pavilion on Northerly Island on June 4—that's probably too close to Lolla, but stranger things have happened...

Probability: 37 percent
Past Lollas: None

Kanye West
Photograph: Shutterstock

17. Kanye West

Kanye (or Ye, as he's now billed) returned to Chicago last year for his final Donda listening party, just ahead of the album's release. While he's scheduled to perform during both weekends of Coachella this spring and Rolling Loud in Miami this summer, a headlining appearance at Lollapalooza seems doubtful—if only because it's been more than a decade since he last played the fest. But Ye seems to revel in the unexpected, so we can't count him (or another onstage replica of his childhood home) out entirely.

Probability: 35 percent
Past Lollas: 2006, 2008

Doja Cat
Photograph: David LaChapelle / RCA Records

18. Doja Cat

Somehow, viral pop star Doja Cat has never played Lollapalooza before, and until recently it looked likely that the "Say So" singer would bring some of her TikTok-friendly hits to Grant Park this summer. Doja is confirmed to play editions of Lollapalooza in Chile, Brazil and Stockholm, as well as Coachella and Hangout. But she recently was confirmed as the opening act for the Weeknd's tour, which stop through Soldier Field the Sunday before Lolla. Sorry Doja fans... she's likely out.

Probability: 20 percent
Past Lollas: None

Rage Against the Machine
Photograph: Seth Mooney

19. Rage Against the Machine

Wanna hear "Bulls on Parade" live? You'll have to head to the home of the Chicago Bulls to catch the latest reunion of politically-charged rockers Rage Against the Machine. The group will perform at the United Center on July 11 and 12 (after rescheduling shows in 2020 and 2021), which officially takes them out of the running for a headlining set at Lolla.

Probability: 0 percent
Past Lollas: 1992, 1993, 1996, 2008

Run the Jewels
Photograph: Jaclyn Rivas

20. Run the Jewels

Run the Jewels are basically summer festival fixtures in Chicago, typically performing at Lolla, Pitchfork or Riot Fest. But that's not the case in 2022—the hip-hop duo will serve as the opening act for Rage Against the Machine at the United Center on July 11 and 12, which rules out an appearance in Grant Park this summer. Don't worry, they'll be back at a Chicago festival soon enough!

Probability: 0 percent
Past Lollas: 2014, 2017

My Chemical Romance
Photograph: Lizz Kannenberg

21. My Chemical Romance

Sorry, but if you're hoping to scream along to "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" this summer, you'll have to get a ticket to Riot Fest. After postponing a 2021 set, reunited emo rockers My Chemical Romance are headlining the Douglas Park festival on Friday, September 12, which means that you probably won't see too many kids clad in all-black outfits roaming through Grant Park this summer.

Probability: 0 percent
Past Lollas: None

J Balvin
Photograph: Shutterstock

22. J Balvin

Colombian superstar J Balvin will be taking the stage at an event produced by the folks behind Lollapalooza this summer... but he'll be in town during Memorial Day weekend. Balvin is headlining the recently-announced Sueños Music Festival, which brings 20 Latin reggaeton artists to a single stage in Grant Park on May 28 and 29. That definitely rules him out for Lolla.

Probability: 0 percent
Past Lollas: 

Daft Punk
Photograph: Shutterstock

23. Daft Punk

In case you haven't heard the news, Daft Punk officially confirmed the duo's breakup in February of 2021, releasing a video that depicted one of the robots exploding and the other walking off into the sun. We know that reunions are all the rage, but it seems pretty clear that Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter are done with the project. For those who were lucky enough to witness the duo's legendary 2007 performance at Lolla, you'll always have the (random access) memories.

Probability: 0 percent
Past Lollas:

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