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lollapalooza 2017,
Photograph: Jaclyn Rivas

A new survey confirms that Lollapalooza attendees love to drink beer and smoke weed

Zach Long
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Zach Long

People look forward to summer music festival season for a variety of reasons. Some can't wait to see their favorite bands play outdoors, some look forward to spending quality time with friends, and others anticipate the opportunity to publicly consume mind-altering substances while taking in live music.

Ticket resale marketplace TickPick surveyed 1,015 festival-goers to learn more about the most commonly used drugs at some of the biggest music festivals in the United States. Unsurprisingly, alcohol (the only drug on the list that is legal nationwide) is the fest vice of choice—75.5 percent of individuals surveyed confirmed that they've knocked back a cold one while trying to find a slightly better sightline. Marijuana came in second place, with 38.8 percent of those surveyed confirming they've toked at a fest. Less than four percent of participants confirmed that they've used DMT, opioids or "other" drugs at a festival... which is probably for the best.

The survey also narrowed down the results to see what drugs attendees at specific festivals preferred, though it's unclear how many of the 1,015 participants have attended each festival. According to the results, more than 70 percent of Lollapalooza attendees surveyed have consumed alcohol at the fest—including beers, cocktails and those giant jugs of wine—and more than one-third of the surveyed attendees have smoked weed in Grant Park. Rounding out the top five preferred Lolla drugs are MDMA, LSD and cocaine.

You'll find some more not-so-shocking results of the study (Burning Man attendees love mushrooms! People who go to Governors Ball enjoy cocaine!) in the complete breakdown of music festival drug preferences below. 

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