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April is so unseasonably cold that CTA has agreed to keep its warming stations on

CTA train
Photograph: Jaclyn Rivas

If like us, you woke up this morning and growled at the sight of snow on the ground, we have some good news. The CTA took to Twitter this afternoon to announce that it will keep its rail-station heaters on until things warm up. The overhead heat lamps, which are installed at over 120 outdoor stations throughout the city, are typically powered between November 1 and March 31. 

When unseasonably chilly weather strikes before or after the designated dates, the CTA has been known to show riders some extra love by extending the service dates of its sheltered lamps. How much longer will they be on this winter? In the tweet, the CTA just says "until it warms up a bit." As much as we appreciate this show of generosity, we truly hope that that day comes very, very soon.

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