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the freeze
Photograph: Fio Creative/Shutterstock

Are The Freeze and Small Cheval combining for a new restaurant in Logan Square?

Here's everything we know so far.

Anna Rahmanan
Written by
Anna Rahmanan

Let’s start from the beginning: This week, architecture firm Via Chicago Architects posted a set of renderings on its website of a new combo destination where beloved and shuttered ice cream shack The Freeze stands. The iconic summertime favorite was sold last year by its longtime owner but images suggest it'll be making a comeback alongside a new Small Cheval, the popular burger chain spin-off from Hogsalt Hospitality.

Given the importance of both eateries in Chicago's collective culinary conscious, we got oh-so-excited and started doing some research.

Since then, Via Chicago Architects has actually taken down the images—which makes us think that there is something in the works, although we have no official report to share just yet.

That being said, according to the official building permit application associated with 2815 West Armitage Avenue, the address of The Freeze, the owners are seeking to renovate and add a floor to the existing one-story restaurant. The plans also mention a new outdoor dining patio, which is what we noticed in the renderings.

The piece de resistance: Someone on Reddit was able to save the previously-dropped renderings right here, just in case you want to take a peek.

And because the internet never forgets, one user was also able to repost the copy that allegedly accompanied those images. 

According to the reproduced notes, the new ice cream parlor will finally feature restrooms for customers, plus an expanded kitchen that will allow it to be in operation all year-round. Other changes were mentioned as well, including a relocated walk-up window and the sort of quirky aesthetic touches that have always defined The Freeze.

Is this happening for sure? We don't know and are just speculating but there are a ton of signs that are getting us very excited about this potential new project. 

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