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Billy Corgan is closing Madame Zuzu’s, his Highland Park tea shop

Zach Long
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Zach Long

Today isn't the greatest day for fans of Madame Zuzu's, the Highland Park teahouse owned by Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan. In an Instagram post, Corgan announced that the current iteration of the shop will serve its final cup of organic Earl Grey tea on March 18. The post suggests that the abrupt closure was spurred by the owner of the property the shop inhabits and has nothing to do with a downturn in business, which Corgan describes as “robust and steady.”

Before Madame Zuzu closes, the shop will celebrate its final day in business with free tea for any customer who stops by and a close-out sale on retail items. Corgan's Instagram missive says that Madame Zuzu's online store (which stocks $90 eighth-pound bags of Ambrosia Orchid Oolong tea and Madame Zuzu trucker hats, among other products) will remain operational while he searches for a new property to host his teahouse, preferably in Highland Park.

Between the partial-reunion of the original reunion of the original Smashing Pumpkins lineup and Corgan's plans to revive the National Wrestling Alliance (which he purchased last year), it's not exactly surprising to see one of the musician's side-projects fall by the wayside. Still, it seems that Corgan's considers Madame Zuzu's to be an important part of his empire—after all, where else is he going to perform an eight-hour modular synthesizer jam session inspired by the spiritual novel Siddhartha?

So, a little announcement. Zuzu's Teahouse 1.0 will be closing it's doors March 18th, as we are forced to move for various reasons which involve tenancy, but certainly nothing to do with the strength of the business (which thanks to all our great customers has been robust and steady). So for now our focus moves to and the online store, and when I'm home next around my birthday (March 17th) I will be looking at even more spaces. Unfortunately, Highland Park doesn't have a lot of ideal spots at this time, which is part of the holdup. So again, thanks again to all our patrons. You have my gratitude for your support. And come party with us on the 18th as we say goodbye. There will be free tea that day for everyone who comes by, and special last-day sales. (And as far as @madamezuzus 2.0 goes, we hope to open a new location very soon, remaining in Highland Park if possible)

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