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Malort hand sanitizer bottle
Photograph: Courtesy CH Distillery

CH Distillery is making Malört hand sanitizer for healthcare organizations (and offering curbside booze pickup)

Zach Long
Written by
Zach Long

Chicago's infamous wormwood liqueur is good for a lot of things, whether you use Malört to liven up the night, evoke disgusted faces from unsuspecting victims or... to constantly sanitize your hands.

Yes, Malört-branded hand sanitizer is now a real thing. The Chicago Tribune got the scoop on this brand-new product, which is being produced by CH Distillery (the folks who acquired the Jeppson's Malört and brought production back to Chicago) in compliance with WHO and FDA guidelines. You won't be able to buy a bottle of the stuff yourself; the one-liter containers will be donated to healthcare organizations, with distribution starting next week, according to CH Distillery director of marketing Dan Janes.

Before you get too excited, there are no wormwood additives or any other ingredients in this hand sanitizer that differentiate it from other alcohol-based products that sterilize your hands. The Malört branding is more of acknowledgement of the beverage's dubious flavor profile (by the way, if you happen to get your hands on this sanitizer, you should absolutely not drink it). CH Distillery owner Tremaine Atkinson told the Tribune, "We know how people feel about Malört, so we figured why not throw the name on.”

While you can't swing by CH Distillery and grab hand sanitizer, you can order a bottle of Malört (and various other liquors) for curbside pickup from The Bar & Table at CH Distillery in the West Loop. Just place your order online and pull up Monday through Friday from noon to 8pm to snag your supplies.

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