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Chicago Party Aunt
Photograph: Courtesy NETFLIXCHICAGO PARTY AUNT - Rory O'Malley as Daniel and Lauren Ash as Diane Dunbrowski in CHICAGO PARTY AUNT.

Chicago Party Aunt is getting her own Netflix show

The popular Twitter personality is headed to the small screen.
Written by
Emma Krupp

For years, the parody Twitter account Chicago Party Aunt (@ChiPartyAunt) has offered commentary on all things trashy, drunken and suburban-adjacent in Chicago—everything from Jewel's baked potato soup to the sexual prowess of famous Chicago men—in the voice of a hard-partying middle-aged woman, amassing more than 45,000 followers along the way. Now, the account has inspired an animated Netflix comedy show, based on the fictional exploits of the Party Aunt herself. 

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The show, titled Chicago Party Aunt, is created by Chris Witaske (who also created the @ChiPartyAunt account) along with Jon Barinholtz and Katie Rich, and follows Chicago Party Aunt Diane Dunbrowski and a cast of other very Chicago characters for 16 half-hour episodes. Comedian Lauren Ash stars as Diane, and additional voice cast members include Rory O’Malley, RuPaul Charles, Jill Talley, Ike Barinholtz, Jon Barinholtz, Da’Vine Joy Randolph and Katie Rich.

Details on the plot are scant so far, but we can expect to see new characters like Diane's naive nephew, Daniel (played by O'Malley), her type-A sister, Bonnie (played by Talley) and a bougie rival business owner, Gideon (played by Charles). Fans of the Twitter account will also recognize the character Kurt, Chicago Party Aunt's ex-husband and a TSA agent, who will be voiced by Witaske—though there's no word on whether Tom Skilling, the famous Chicago weatherman and Chicago Party Aunt's preferred lover, is going to make an appearance. Animation will be produced by Titmouse, which is best known for producing the Netflix show Big Mouth.

The show is set to premiere on Netflix on September 17—only time will tell if it's as reverent to Chicago tropes and lore as that one episode of BoJack Horseman. If the Chicago Party Aunt show screws up the combination of condiments on a Chicago-style hot dog, we're sure that Chicago Party Aunt will chime in on Twitter.

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