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Eat like a Hobbit at Thalia Hall’s ‘Lord of the Rings’-themed dinners and movie screenings

Zach Long

Have you ever dreamed about feasting like a Hobbit at an outdoor celebration in the Shire? If you can't afford a ticket to New Zealand to dine at a recreation of Hobbiton's Green Dragon Pub, you're in luck—Thalia Hall is hosting a series of screenings of the Lord of the Rings trilogy films that can be paired with a Middle Earth-inspired dinner menu. Beginning with The Fellowship of the Ring, Thalia Hall will screen one part of the trilogy each night from March 20 to 22 at 7pm—you can snag a ticket for the movie and purchase an optional dinner package to enjoy while you're watching Frodo's journey to Mount Doom.

Unlike the promotional Hobbit-themed menu that Denny's served, which included dishes like Bilbo's Breakfast Feast and Smaug's Fire Burger, Thalia Hall's interpretation of Lord of the Rings cuisine channels the utensil-free fare of a Medieval Times restaurant. The Middle Earth-Times tray will include a smoked turkey leg, potato soup, a "Lembas bread" baguette and a glass of Hopewell Brewing Company's Prancing Pony ale. Plus, the first 25 guests to purchase the dinner package each night will receive a commemorative Dusek's beer mug.

Tickets to each of the Lord of the Rings screenings are $5 and can be purchased via Thalia Hall's website. The dinner package (which includes food, a beer and a ticket to the movie) will cost you $30.

If you haven't rewatched Peter Jackson's classic trilogy recently, this series of dinners and movie screenings seems like a precious opportunity to spend a few hours with the Fellowship.

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