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Chicago CTA Trains Passing
Photograph: CC/Flickr/H. Michael Miley

Here’s what you’ll be paying now that the CTA fare hike is in effect

Zach Long
Written by
Zach Long

As of yesterday, taking a train or bus in Chicago has become a more expensive proposition. The CTA approved its first fare hike in nine years late last year, but the new prices didn't kick in until January 7. Mayor Rahm Emanuel has repeatedly blamed the increase on a $33 million cut in state funding that resulted in a budget gap for the city's public transportation system.

A bus ride using a Ventra card will now cost $2.25 (it was previously $2.00) while train fare is now $2.50 (formerly $2.25). If you’re paying cash to board a bus—not an option on the El—the fare will be $2.50 (up from $2.25). The prices of one-, two- and seven-day CTA passes were not affected, but the price of a 30-day pass increased by $5 and will now go for $105.

While any price increase is impactful (especially for riders who can't afford a monthly pass), Chicagoans can take comfort in the fact that they're paying for a public transportation system that works—most of the time.

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