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Snag a free McDonald’s Shamrock Shake in Daley Plaza this afternoon

Snag a free McDonald’s Shamrock Shake in Daley Plaza this afternoon
Photograph: Courtesy McDonald's

As St. Patrick's Day approaches, Chicagoans embrace everything that's green, including the dyeing of the Chicago River and emerald-colored Garrett Popcorn. The obsession with the seasonal hue even extends to the sugary beverages we drink, most notably McDonald's mint-green milkshake, the Shamrock Shake.

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If you've been craving the seasonal fast food beverage, you'll be able to get a Shamrock Shake in Daley Plaza this afternoon beginning at 5pm as part of a promotional event that McDonald's has dubbed "Shambow: The Shamrock Shake Rainbow." The chain hasn't released many details about the event aside from a Facebook post, which promises "a little something to help chase all those winter blahs away." While walking through Daley Plaza this morning, we noticed a cloud-shaped kiosk where shakes will likely be served and a narrow pool of water that might be used to create an artificial rainbow (we were unable to locate a pot o' gold).

Obviously, you'll need to show up early if you want to snag a gratis Shamrock Shake before supplies are depleted, but it sounds like you'll have something interesting to look at while you queue up for the seasonal treat.

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