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A Chicago-style hot dog with ketchup alongside two emojis, with the Chicago River in the background.
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The 20 biggest Chicago dating red flags

These dealbreakers are causing Chicagoans to swipe left.

Jeffy Mai
Written by
Jeffy Mai

We know, the dating scene is unpredictable.

Whether you're swiping on the apps or trying to meet other singles IRL, you'll have to navigate a minefield. From catfishers to people who ghost without warning, the search for a perfect match can seem impossible. We polled followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out what their biggest Chicago-specific red flags are when it comes to dating and received an array of answers. Take a look below for our favorite responses, which include strong opinions on hot dog condiments, certain Chicago neighborhoods and baseball.

1. "When they say they're from Chicago, but what they really mean is a surrounding suburb."

2. "Puts ketchup on their hot dog."

3. "Caring what I put on my hot dog."

4. "Using the term 'Willis Tower.'"

5. "Lives in Chicago but has never travelled south of Cermak or west of Western."

6. "Only goes out in Wrigley or River North."

7. "When she parks her car where someone cleaned the snow off and called dibs."

8. "Has never ridden the CTA."

9. "Never had Malört."

10. "When you ask what their favorite baseball team is and they won’t pick a team or say they don’t like baseball."

11. "When they root for the Cubs & Sox because they’re 'both Chicago teams.'"

12. "Goes to the Playpen religiously."

13. "Doesn’t see the appeal of street fests."

14. "Calling Lake Shore Drive LSD."

15. "When they won’t eat a dripping wet Italian beef or don’t know what giardiniera is."

16. "They take you to the Hangge Uppe."

17. "She doesn’t know what mild sauce is."

18. "Takes out-of-towners to Portillo’s."

19. "Main pic on dating app profile=wearing shamrock beads and posing next to the River on St. Patrick’s Day weekend."

20. "Just dating in general in Chicago is a huge red flag."

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