Turns out, that planned rave on a CTA train is not actually happening this weekend

Things are getting ... confusing.

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Anna Rahmanan
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Chicago CTA train
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Earlier this week, Chicagoans got all excited about dynamic DJ duo Sock & Buskin taking over a CTA train and turning it into a rave venue for a five-hour set that was scheduled to happen tomorrow night. Unfortunately, the unique concert is no more: The CTA just backed out of the Brown Line "Rave Train" that had us so excited.

“CTA became aware of additional details of the proposed event through the organizer’s promotion that raised concerns regarding rider safety, as well as the sale of event tickets, which does not align with CTA’s policy to charter trains only for private, non-commercial purposes,” the CTA said in an official statement. “After careful consideration of all of these factors, this request could not be approved and no formal agreement was entered into between the two parties.”

According to the agency, officials told Redline Chicago, the company behind the event, that the party was not going to be approved on Wednesday but the organizers didn't make the cancellation public until over a day later, on Thursday night.

However, that's not the story that Redline Chicago is publicizing. 

“We regret to announce that the CTA has unilaterally cancelled our ‘Redline Express’ event schedule for June 15th, despite months of planning and coordination,” the company said in a statement published today around 3am. “The CTA’s last-minute cancellation is as shocking as it is disappointing.”

Apparently, there's an "even bigger last-minute event" at an alternate venue happening on Saturday, courtesy of Redline. No other details about that have been announced yet. 

Chicagoans are obviously disappointed about the change in plans: According to Redline Chicago, the event was completely sold out. If you're looking for something else to do this weekend, the best nightclubs in Chicago are always a good bet.

Perhaps even more upsetting is the fact that nobody really knows how to get their money back just yet. Feel free to send us any information you hear about this!

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