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Person watching solar eclipse with glasses
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What time is the partial solar eclipse in Chicago today? Path and peak times explained

Today is the day!

Anna Rahmanan
Written by
Anna Rahmanan

Everybody is talking about today's solar eclipse and for good reason: the celestial spectacle will be the only one of its kind visible in the United States until August of 2044.

Which is all to say: you better be prepared to catch the eclipse as soon as it happens, or you might very well miss it. 

To that intent, we put together a guide to the solar eclipse in Chicago and also provide you with a list of spots giving out free solar eclipse glasses (make sure you get a pair!). 

Below, find more need-to-know information, including all about the spectacle's path and peak times today.

When is the 2024 solar eclipse?

The total solar eclipse, a special event that happens when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, therefore completely blocking the latter's rays and casting a shadow across the sky, is taking place today, April 8.

Not all states are in the path of totality. That being said, even a partial solar eclipse is a happening deserving of attention.

What time will the partial solar eclipse happen in Chicago?

According to NASA, Chicago will see a maximum percentage coverage of about 94% at the peak of the eclipse around 2:07pm. Starting at 12:51pm, you'll notice the Moon approaching the Sun. It should all be over around 3:21pm.

Where's best to watch the partial solar eclipse in Chicago?

Although Chicago is not in the path of totality, certain parts of southern Illinois and central Indiana are, with Carbondale being the largest Illinois city in the path, so you might want to try and head there before this afternoon.

Here in Chicago, the Adler Planetarium is throwing a free event on the day of the eclipse. Attendees can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities and pick up a pair of free glasses.

360 CHICAGO, the observation deck on the 94th floor of 875 N. Michigan Avenue (formerly the John Hancock Center), will offer unobstructed, panoramic views of the eclipse. Included in the price of a general admission ticket, guests will receive a complimentary pair of solar viewers and have the opportunity to watch the spectacle from over 1,000 feet above street level.

City Cruises Chicago will embark on a 30-minute solar eclipse cruise from Navy Pier at 2pm. Passengers will go on a ride around Lake Michigan and have unparalleled views of the celestial event. Eclipse glasses will be provided. 

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