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You can now call a cab in Chicago on your Uber app

Two transportation options join forces.

Anna Rahmanan
Written by
Anna Rahmanan

Chicagoans scheduling a ride on their Uber apps today may actually get picked up by a taxi.

The ride-sharing company has announced that, in an effort to help cab drivers out financially and also offer users a vaster array of transportation options, it will now allow taxi drivers to accept Uber trip referrals. 

Folks opting for a taxi will pay the UberX rate for the ride and will be able to see the exact pricing before booking a trip. 

Users will get to tip and rate their journeys on the app also, just as they would on a regular Uber ride.

According to the giant transportation company, nearly all of Chicago's 2,800 licensed cab owners make use of the Arro and Curb Mobility technology needed for them to accept Uber rides. 

This isn't the first time that the two transit options have joined forces. In fact, similar programs have already launched across southern California, in San Francisco and in New York City.

ABC 7 reports that, "on average, taxi drivers who provided Uber trips earned 30.5% more than those who did not." 

Another Uber update has got people talking as well: the company has just rolled out a new in-app emergency button that lets riders call 911 within seconds if they don't feel safe in the car.

"The app will prompt the rider's estimated location and vehicle information, including model and license plate number," reports ABC 7.

Getting around town has just gotten even easier.

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