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Chicago's 4 best biscuits and gravy

With fluffy biscuits, decadent gravy and perfect fried chicken, these are our favorite biscuits and gravy in Chicago

Photograph: Martha Williams
The chicken ‘n a biscuit at the Bristol is one of the best biscuits and gravy in Chicago.

Biscuits and gravy is a simple dish, but when done well, it's hard to imagine a more perfect thing to eat at brunch. We devoured all kinds of biscuits and gravy this year, made with everything from lobster to seitan, but these four versions at Chicago restaurants set themselves apart, thanks to perfectly fried chicken, fluffy biscuits, unexpected gravy and other toppings. 

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Best biscuits and gravy in Chicago

Bread & Wine

Biscuits and gravy
A hulking housemade chicken sausage and fluffy biscuits loaded with gravy make this dish heart-stoppingly rich. But the genius stroke of placing sliced pickles on top of that heap, cutting through the considerable fat, lets you keep plowing through.—Laura Baginski

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Irving Park

The Bristol

Chicken ‘n a Biscuit
The Bristol offers two kinds of biscuits and gravy, which is just one of the reasons we added it to our 20 best brunches list. There’s a version with sausage and poached eggs and one with fried chicken and pickles. We opted for the latter, and didn’t regret it. Two pieces of perfectly fried chicken are placed atop fluffy biscuits, which are then doused with gravy. The bread and butter pickles are a brilliant inclusion, and they slice through the fat to add some zip.—Amy Cavanaugh

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Carriage House

Chicken and biscuit
From this photo, you can tell what a monster this dish is. You can also see the plump piece of fried chicken and the thick buttermilk biscuit. But what you can’t see is the secret ingredient mixed with the rich sausage gravy. It’s pimento cheese, and it takes this dish to an absolutely delicious new level.—AC

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Wicker Park


Chicken fried biscuit
What makes this last-meal-on-earth–worthy: The crispy fried chicken is even better than your grandma made. The biscuit is fluffy and hearty, perfect to fill you up before a long journey; and the cheesy béchamel covering the whole thing is so rich you would worry about a cholesterol spike if, you know, that mattered anymore.—LB

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Lincoln Square