River North and Streeterville residents tell us their favorite neighborhood spots

We reached out to some notable River North and Streeterville residents to find out about their favorite neighborhood restaurants, parks and more

Anyone who lives in River North or Streeterville will laud the area's proximity to downtown, which makes pretty much any corner of the city just an El ride away. But with some amazing museums and a bar and restaurant scene that's on point, there's hardly a reason to leave the neighborhood. Take a look at recommendations provided by some notable Near North Side residents and start planning your next visit.

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River North and Streeterville residents' favorite places



Matilda S

Seriously...there are women (and men) in Streeterville/River North who don't work in consulting/financial services. 

Susan N

Just curious why you only shared responses from men. Were women omitted from this interview about their favorite spots in these areas? It just seems biased.