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A view from Croatia: Antun Delinger

Dramatic shots of Slavonia and the coast by photography enthusiast Antun Delinger

Written by
Marc Rowlands

24-year-old Antun Delinger lives just outside Vinkovci in Slavonia, located in the bucolic east of Croatia. He treats photography as a hobby but his fantastic Instagram depicts the work of a talented and considered enthusiast. His photographs are often landscapes using long exposure, a technique he enjoys for its unusual results. He often photographs the nature surrounding him, enjoying the peacefulness and solitude of venturing out into the wild with his camera, at any time of year. He also loves to photograph starry nighttime landscapes. Many of his pictures are taken in and around his home in Slavonia, but Pula, where he studied, and Biograd Na Moru, where he goes on holiday, are also featured.

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